OUR MISSION.... provide higher quality continuing education to those already in the dental field and to those interested in entering the field of Implantology, Periodontology and Cosmetic Dentistry.




                   OUR PHILOSOPHY....



Why not having fun while learning?


When you're having fun, you're relaxed...


When you're relaxed, you learn better...



Our philosophy is to combine a complete Training Course in Implantology, Periodontology and Cosmetic Dentistry with true moments of pleasure in magnificent cities.



 Our Training provides a dense comprehensive Scientific Program combining lectures, Hands-on sessions and clinical applications by Live Surgeries and exchanges between American, French and International Dentists.



Strong of more than 20 years of experience in Teaching and Training in the Dental Implant & Periodontology field and the training of the sales force of major dental implant companies, we came to the conclusion that the best way to learn and keeping the desire of learning more, is to combine Learning & Pleasure.




International Dental Implant Institute is a Theoretical and Clinical “hands-on” training/tutoring sessions which will lead you to introduce Dental Implantology into your private general practice.

Our Dentists/Teachers/Trainers have more than 20 years of experience in the field of teaching dentistry and more particularly Implantology.

It is a progressive, clinical, practitioners to practitioners, step by step training. It will allow you, whatever your level of surgical ability to recognize and identify the indications and contra-indications of the implants, plan the surgical and prosthesis treatment of implants by proceeding through a “No Stress” implantology.

You will feel like in a hospital staff and you will be part of an expert team of surgeon dentists. You will not only study your own cases but those of others too, share knowledge, expertise, know-how and the right attitude with your patients.

This progressive support will allow you to master the knowledge and place implants & prosthesis to your patients. 

Each session includes a theoretical and practical part, and clinical application through live surgeries and/or DVDs. 

International Dental Implant Institute is a Premier Training Center which aims at training Dentists from around the world who wishes to incorporate Dental Implantology into their daily Private Practice

Our goal is to help you grasp the implant with confidence, make you benefit from the experience and support of our teaching team composed of 12 Training expert Dentist in Dental Implantology and Periodontology. We offer a wide range of training programs in a professional yet friendly atmosphere, step by step, with international renowned speakers, available and at your disposal, for which information sharing and teamwork are essential.

IDII Reception

International Dental Implant Institute combines both theory and practice by providing practical session’s hands-on anatomical and live surgeries. Live and interactive sessions during which, you can present your own clinical case study.

 We will be happy to accompany you throughout your training course so that you can access a Dental Implantology that suits you.

Our goal is to democratize Dental Implantology, accessible to all, through comprehensive training, both theoretical and practical. The session is validated by a Diploma.


The Training Center, a brief overview.

More than 75,000sf dedicated to training (Facilities located in Miami, FL and Paris, France)

-Surgical blocks equipped with video transmission,

-Conference rooms that can accommodate 250 people,

-Technical Lab that can accommodate 38 people

-Teaching team consisting of 12 Surgeon-Dentist-Trainers and Oral Surgeons. 

Live Surgery
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