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              PROGRAM  DAY 1

Sunday September 14, 2014  at the International  Med. Center:


8:45:           Welcoming

9:00–9:45:   Treatments of gingival recessions, techniques, biomaterials: Dr. Luciana Aily

9:45-11:00:  Live surgery with video retransmission of a gingival recession

                  treatment: Dr. Valérie Bensoussan

11:00–11:30: Cafe break – Exhibitor tour

11:30-13:00: Demonstration and hands-on  of this surgery on models, step by step

13:00-14:00: Lunch- Buffet

14:00-14:30: Osseous managements: Dr. Raphael Bettach

14:30-15:00: Soft tissue managements: Luciana Aily Santos

14:45-16:00: Live surgery with video retransmission : roll connective graft technique:

  Dr. Valérie Bensoussan

16:00-16:30: Cafe break – Exhibitor tour

16:30-18:00: Demonstration and hands-on of this surgery on models, step by step


20:00: Diner- croisière en musique sur la Seine (optional)

Monday September 15, 2014, University of Medicine of Paris:


8:45: Welcoming

9:00–10:30: The Art of smile Part 1: Artistry with composite resin: Dr. Robert  Lowe

10:30-11:00: Cafe break – Exhibitor tour

11:00-12:30: Hands-on of composite resin on models

12:30-13:30: Lunch buffet

13:30-15:00: The Art of smile, Part 2: All partial and total ceramic restoration: Dr Robert  Lowe

15:00-15:30: Cafe break – Exhibitor tour

15:30-17:00: Hands-on of veneers preparations on models

17:00-18:00:  Technical, clinical and psychological aspects of dental whitening: Dr. Hadia Decharriere

           PROGRAM  DAY 2

Special evening program with Dr. Robert Lowe (optional)

            PROGRAM  DAY 3

Tuesday September 16, 2014, Université of Medicine of Paris


8:45:  Welcoming

9:00–10:30:  Live Demonstration of Facial dissection on cadaver: Dr. Bernard Lazarro

10:30-10:50: Cafe break – Exhibitor tour

10:50-11:45:  Immediate extraction & implant placement. Current Scientific datas:

   Dr. Raphael  Bettach

11:45-13:00:  Vidéo  of a surgery, demonstration on cadaver, Hands-on on  models:

   Dr. Raphael Bettach-Dr. Valérie Bensoussan

13:00-14:00:  Lunch- buffet

14:00-14:30:  Breathing Smile – facial balance: Dr. Benoit Faucon

14:30-15:45:  Dermato-esthetique anti-age techniques of mouth and lower part of the face        embelishment: Dr. Carole Taieb

15:45-16:00:  Cafe break – Exhibitor tour

16:00-17:00:  Hands-on


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