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The training center, a brief overview.

More than 65,000sf dedicated to training (Facilities located in Miami, FL and Paris, France)

-Surgical blocks equipped with video transmission,

-Conference rooms that can accommodate 250 people,

-Technical Lab that can accommodate 38 people,

-Teaching team consisting of 12 Dentist-Trainers.




There are two ways to complete the full cycle in Dental Implantology training. It is a  4 steps program of 2/3 days each and/or 2 steps of 2 weeks in miami Beach and in Paris. The program consists of both, theoretical and practical sessions and clinical applications which aims to deliver all the bases and key success of implant therapy, planning implants, prosthesis until advanced live surgeries and prosthesis realisation in the final phase.


Course Topics:


Patient and implant surgery: Fundamentals

-The introduction of implants in the treatment plan

-Indications and contra-indications against implant

-The patient's 1st visit to the setting of the implants

-The different stages of a simple case

-Surgical anatomy

-Conditions of osseointegration

-The one or two steps implants: features and characteristics

-Preparation for surgery

-Financial aspects


The implant and its environment

-The gingival Peri-implant lay out

-The fillers: biomaterial graft substitutes

-The specificities of the anterior sector


Implants follow up and monitoring

-Surgical and prosthetic complications and failures both immediate and long-term

-Hindsight and long-term monitoring of clinical cases



Implants and prosthesis

-Impression/mould in implantology

-Partial edentulous and implants

-Total edentulous and implants

-Bio-mechanic and Implants

-Occlusion and implants


Advanced surgeries and complex cases

-Extraction and implants, immediate or deferred implantation, with or without material addition

-Bone grafts surgeries: Sinus lift

-Progressive rehabilitation


-Periodontal and peri-implant plastic surgery  


Live Surgery

-Examination of a patient/candidate for dental Implants

-Live surgery: Implants Setting


-Prosthetic Setting

-Managing acquired knowledge in your own Dental Practice


Practical sessions/Tutorial

-Suture's practical sessions

-Surgery: implants on resin models

-Analysis of 3D xray (cone-bean)

-Prosthesis: impressions/mould, choice of pillars


Cadaver session:

-anatomical dissection

-Implant Placement in Human Bone

-Extraction and Immediately placing Implant

-Sinus lift

-Bone grafts

-How to use Membranes and Osteosynthese screw to maintain the grafts

-Learning anesthesia injections techniques  


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