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  Day 1 : Arrival in Paris – Welcoming Party at the Hotel                                    

  Day 2 Monday:

                          Prosthetic Session, Fundamentals

                          International Medical Center, PARIS


  • Prosthetic  treatments planning
  • Importance of the prosthetic and surgical guide
  • Different prosthetic’s possibilities, procedures
  • Biomechanics, occlusion
  • Immediate loading rules


  Day 2 Evening: Entertainment in Saint Germain-Latin Quarter*  


  Day 3:

                          Practical and Clinical Session, LIVE PROCEDURES

                          Conception of a bridge on 2 implants

                          International Medical Center, PARIS


  • Placement of 2 implants in a technique model
  • Using the prosthetic and surgical guide
  • Impressions
  • Your bridge will be done in our laboratory and given to you 3 days later.


Day 3 Evening: “Moulin Rouge” (not included)*

Day 4: Day off – Choice of Programs (not included)

“Eiffel Tower and Montmartre”*

DescriptionWe cross the Seine River. Ascension to the first floor of the Eiffel Tower. Dinner at the restaurant the "58 Tour Eiffel". After dinner we board a “Bateaux Parisiens” boat for our evening cruise (duration: 1 hour).

At the end of the cruise we cross Paris as far the foot of the Montmartre hill.


“River Seine cruise”*


This excursion will give you the opportunity to discover Paris, its history and great buildings with a tour of the city by coach (duration 3hrs) followed by a one hour commented cruise on the Seine.

Departure from the Eiffel Tower, the crew will welcome you on board one of the three trimarans belonging to the “Bateaux Parisiens”, for a one hour cruise. Entirely glass fitted, with a terrace behind and gangways all round, these boats are perfectly designed to discover and admire the rich architecture of the city.

A clear and vivid commentary accompanied by music evoking the various places and times, is broadcast through individual headsets. End of the excursion at the Eiffel Tower.



Day 5:  Transportation to PONTOISE- AUVERS SUR OISE HOTEL

                   Live Surgeries:

                   Hospital of Pontoise, PARIS

                   4 Live surgeries on patients:


·        Sinus lift lateral approach

·        Sinus lift crestal approach

·        Osteosinus

·        Sinus lift +/- placement of implants

(live video coveraged broadcasted in conference room)


Day 6: morning

                Live Surgeries:

                Hospital of Pontoise, PARIS

                3 Live Surgeries on patients:


•        Extraction and immediate implant placement (graft and membrane)

•        Block Bone Graft

•        Tissue management procedure (gingival graft)



 From Giverny to Auvers-sur-Oise (not included)*

 We’ll spend the afternoon surrounded by the colors of 19th century Impressionists. An unforgettable tour painted by Monet and Van Gogh.

Come discover Giverny with us. Visit the home and gardens dear to Monet. You’ll discover the Japanese Bridge, the Water Garden and this Impressionist painting genius’ visual universe.

Then we’ll go to Auvers-sur-Oise to visit the village where Vincent van Gogh spent his last 100 days, and painted a few of his most famous creations.


Day 7: Day off in PARIS / Option to visit the Castle of Versailles* (not included)

Known throughout the world for the its Palace and accompanying gardens, the town of Versailles, situated 16 kilometers to the south-west of Paris, is of utmost importance in French history. Versailles was not only being the city of Kings, from Louis XIII to Louis XVI, but also the birthplace of the French Revolution. In the 17th Century, King Louis XIII set out to build a hunting site in Versailles, in a small village of which nothing is left today. The town was completely transformed by the Sun King (le Roi Soleil in French), Louis XIV, who constructed one of Europe's biggest palaces: The Palace of Versailles. In the 18th Century Versailles was considered a highly modern city


Farewell Evening Party and Diploma Ceremony


*for those participants of the Week 1 Program, all attractions and tours will be different






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